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C-Tran, the Town of Cary's transit service that offers inexpensive and reliable transportation around Cary for anyone any day except Sunday. The Town of Cary provides two types of service: fixed route and door-to-door service.

Tier One - Trips wholly within the 3/4 miles of the general public fixed routes is $2 per one-way trip during peak hours (6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday). Off peak (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) is $1 per one-way trip.

Tier Two - Trips that have either a destination or origin outside the 3/4 mile general public fixed route corridors are $4 per one-way trip during peak hours and $1 during off peak (see off peak hours above).

Tier Three - Senior citizen medical trips or disabled employment trips outside the Town limits to Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Morrisville, and Apex are $6 per one-way trip. There are no discount fares for Tier III trips.

Note:  Disabled/senior individuals who use C-Tran are approved to use the transportation system to take their service animals to veterinary appointments as well as their own personal medical appointments.

Additional information can be found on the Town C-Tran Web site.

The Employment Security Commission of North Carolina (ESC) provides labor market services job placement, unemployment insurance (UI), job training, etc. Contact the ESC FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THEIR SERVICES:

Cary Local Office
742-F East Chatham Street
Cary, NC 27511
PH. (919) 469-1406
FAX (919) 469-2472

There is a program for disabled veterans at Vocational Rehabilitation Services that coordinates with the Veteran's Administration. There is a Vocational Rehabilitation representative at the VA and disabled vets can be referred to them directly for services. Voc Rehab can help fund some services for disabled vets that the VA may not be able to support. Anyone interested in finding out about our services; they can simply call our main number and speak with the counselor on duty to inquire about the services we offer.

Contact Chuck Borum, Veteran Consultant, at the ESC regarding Veteran's Benefits
919-469-1406 X 218

Traveling anytime soon? Take advantage of the TSA’s new helpline number for travelers with disabilities and medical conditions. The toll-free number is now available year-around to help answer questions about screening policies, procedures and what to expect at the security checkpoints. Make sure to call 1-855-787-2227 before arriving to the airport.

Disability Travel
Traveling with a disability can be challenging but very rewarding when you plan ahead and bring along a sense of humor. You might need more patience than the average traveler and maybe more flexibility but the outcome will be worth it.

Some good resources are: Barrier-Free Travel, 101 Accessible Vacations,  There is Room at the Inn by Candy Harrington, and Rick Sharpe's Easy Access Europe. Another good resource is Emerging Horizons, an accessible travel newsletter that is published monthly.

An excellent website for disability travel information is www.slowtrav.com.

The State of NC publishes a free guide to travel site accessibility as well, called Access North Carolina. Call 1-800-VISIT NC for a copy.

Cary Senior Center
The Cary Senior Center is a recreation facility for adults ages 55 and older in Cary and is part of the Town of Cary Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department, it offers quality programs to enhance the lives of senior citizens. The Cary Senior Center is also the registration location for C-Tran, the public transportation provided throughout the Town of Cary. Persons with disabilities of any age (as well as seniors ages 60+) can register for the door-to-door service and receive a discount on the fixed route system. Visit http://www.resourcesforseniors.com/ for more information about resources for seniors.

For Exercise: The Cary Senior Center is a 17,000 square foot recreation and education facility designed by and for the adults 55 and older in Cary. Several exercise classes are held.
Telephone: 919-469-4081
Address: 120 Maury O'Dell Place
Directions: Located within Bond Park. Bond Park is located at 801 High House Road between Cary Parkway and Northwest Maynard Road.
Mailing Address: PO Box 8005; Cary, NC 27512-8005

Hours of Operation:Monday – Thursday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM , Friday – Saturday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Closed Sundays
Web site:

Check out the Cary YMCA:

They have facilities that can be used on a member or guest basis, such as swimming and massage therapy.
The YMCA is located at: 101 YMCA Dr., Cary, NC 27513

Fellowship Health Resources-mental health services
The mission of Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. is to assist individuals, especially those with mental illness and co-occurring disorders, to improve their mental health, well being, and quality of life. In Wake County, Fellowship Health Resources operates a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program in Cary and in Raleigh, an Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACT Team), substance abuse treatment services, DWI Assessment services, and a community support program.

For more information, please call 919-573-6520 or visit our Web site at www.fellowshiphr.org

Mobility in Swimming
This class is a small group setting for adults with physical disabilities who would benefit from an aquatic exercise environment. Water has many advantages: lessens the effect of gravity, increases buoyancy helping a person with weakened limbs attain a greater range of motion, helps reduce body heat that can be generated by exercise, and provides resistance for muscle strengthening. The pool has chest-deep water that provides support, enabling participants to stand and maintain balance for exercises requiring less effort than on land.

Call for moe information.


The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provides human service needs for fragile populations like the mentally ill, deaf, blind and developmentally disabled. They provide many services including services for independent living, vocational training/rehabilitation and other employment services.
For more information visit the DHHS Web site for people with disabilities at: http://www.dhhs.state.nc.us/

Alliance for Disability Advocates
Alliance of Disability Advocates, Center for Independent Living (Alliance) assists people with disabilities to live independently and become productive, full participants in society. The entire staff and board, most of whom have disabilities, support people with disabilities in their efforts toward such life-affirming goals. They provide services for: Individual and Systems Advocacy, Peer Mentoring, Information and Referral, Independent Living Skills Training and Community Inclusion.
Contact them at alliance@alliancecil.org or call 919-833-1117

Enable America
Enable America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing employment among the 54 million Americans with disabilities. Their goal is to work with all members of the community – including disabled individuals, service providers, government agencies, advocacy groups, existing organizations and employers – to eliminate barriers to employment and bridge the gap between disabled job seekers and the employers who want to hire them. Their VetConnect program is dedicated to helping wounded warriors re-acclimate to civilian life or return to active duty. http://www.enableamerica.org/index.html

Travel Training through the Alliance of Disability Advocates
This program can help individuals become independent transit system users. The travel trainer will provide travel training assistance & instruction to individuals and/or small groups including assistance and instruction on navigating public transit, understanding scheduling, fares, transfers and paratransit procedures and requirements. Contact Gerri Smith by email at gerri.smith@alliancecil.org or call 919-833-1117 for more information about this free service.

Affordable Senior Apartments in the Town of Cary
There are two types of affordable housing for seniors in Cary – subsidized and tax credit properties. In each case, the property developers receive funding assistance to construct the apartments in exchange for agreeing to rent the units at affordable rates. There is a set income limit for seniors desiring to live in these units which can not be exceeded. These income limits are based on the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) median income for the area and is adjusted every few years. For more information go to : http://www.townofcary.org/Departments/Planning_Department/Housing/Affordable_Housing_Initiative/Affordable_Senior_Apartments_in_the_Town_of_Cary.htm

National Park Passes for Senior/Disabled
More than 2,000 federal recreation sites are accessed by a pass that covers entrance fees at national parks and national wildlife refuges as well as standard amenity fees at national forests and grasslands. It's a worthwhile lifetime investment. More information: http://www.nps.gov/findapark/passes.htm

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